About us

DAKAL Pharma is one of Mongolia’s leading wholesalers and distributors of pharmaceutical products with more than 10 years of experience with local healthcare industry and international partners.
Established in 2001  as one of the few professional and independent pharmaceutical companies in Mongolia,  Dakal Pharma strives to provide the best service for our clients by timely delivering important medical products of highest quality on a daily basis.  
Dakal Pharma’s distribution and wholesale activities cover most of the healthcare sector in Mongolia such as State Hospitals, Private Clinics and Pharmacies.  We provide our clients  with full range of medicaments and health products, making a vital contribution to our local healthcare system.
With a solid base and experience in Mongolian pharmaceutical industry, we provide our current and potential international partners with local market knowledge and comprehensive solutions for distribution in Mongolia.
It is our utmost objective to provide the highest quality medical products to our clients and best support our international partners with marketing of their products.